How do I apply, and what is the process?

  • Click 'Apply Now' below to download the Housing Interest Form and fill it out. Send the Intrest From to the address indicated to begin your evaluation process.
  • Talk with the Habitat Staff to review your situation, including income, credit history, and to learn about the evaluation process. If you meet Habitat criteria and are interested in continuing, a small Applicant Team will work with you throughout the process.
  • Go through a financial review and sign a Partnership Agreement Letter explaining in writing the conditions of Habitat approval. Once you qualify, you will become a Habitat Partner and be approved for housing.
  • Attend NeighborImpact Financial Management and Homeowner classes, and complete the Sweat Equity volunteer requirement (working at ReStore, build site, and others offered by HFHLPS.)
  • Sign mortgage papers and move into your new home.



Habitat’s Putney Place Neighborhood began 2019 as 1.8 acres of dirt and trees, and today is transformed into 13 completed townhomes, with another 3 on the way. The neighborhood will grow to 19 homes by 2025. Putney Place is named in honor of Jim Putney, a community-minded leader whose work and generosity made an impact across Central Oregon and included years of service with Habitat La Pine Sunriver.